Behind the Numbers

The programme has managed to achieve some significant milestones up till the end of year two, March 2015. There is an increasing appeal to set higher targets. Some of the impressive results include;

  • 10,067 farmers are now able to access modern automated warehouse receipt system. These warehouses have proper storage facilities and are tied to a structured online grain trading system.


  • Over 29,906 farmers have benefitted from national and cross border trade through the Food Trade ESA programme. These farmers have been able to sell 17000 metric tonnes of grain (Maize, Soya and beans) across the region.
  • Thanks to the programme a total of 23 private sector companies in East Africa region are fully compliant to the set East Africa grades and standards for grain.


  • The ESA region is known for lower usage of improved inputs i.e. improved seeds and fertilisers. The programme has worked with 10,749 female and male farmers in increasing their yields by adopting good agronomic practices and using improved inputs. A total of 123 metric tonnes of seeds and fertilisers were distributed and used by the farmers.