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FoodTrade ESA grantee Pee Pee Tanzania Ltd. holds soft launch of PICS bags

FoodTrade East & Southern Africa (ESA) grantee, Pee Pee Tanzania Ltd., in partnership with Purdue University held a soft launch of PICS bags storage technology on Monday, 13th June in Dodoma. PICS bags provide a user-friendly alternative to reduce post-harvest losses. FoodTrade ESA provided a grant of GBP 500,000 to build the capacity of Pee Pee Tanzania Ltd. to produce and sell PICS packaging. Post-harvest crop losses continue to affect [...]

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FoodTrade’s Efforts on lifting Trade ban of Staple foods in the region

FoodTrade ESA has facilitated two public-private dialogues, one where parliamentarians from the region were invited to discuss the effects of trade bans for staple foods. The meetings were held in collaboration with COMESA and the Zambian Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute. The Zambian government lifted the export ban on Maize a few months after the meeting, while other governments in the region have desisted from implementing such measures in the [...]

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Regional Seed Market Systems

FoodTrade ESA is working with COMESA to facilitate the domestication of harmonised seed trade regulations in the region. So far, seven out of nine countries where FoodTrade is operating are on course to domesticate and implement these regulations by December 2015. FoodTrade is also supporting a regional variety release system for seed which will ensure that small farmers in any part of the region shall access improved seed varieties boosting [...]

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Implementation of Harmonised grades and standards for staple foods in East Africa

FoodTrade ESA in collaboration with the East African Grain Council (EAGC) has recently launched its flagship programme called the G-SOKO platform. The G-Soko platform seeks to encourage many smallholder farmers to benefit from regional value systems through application of quality standards and use of certified warehouses to build commodity value. So far over 11,000 smallholder farmers and 22 warehouse operators have adopted harmonised grades and standards for staple foods boosting [...]

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FoodTrade ESA Study: Commodity Exchange

FoodTrade ESA is currently implementing a series of studies in understanding the structured grain market systems in the region with the aim of informing policy formulation and implementation in the region. So far the programme has concluded studies in the establishment of Commodity Exchanges in the region which highlights the key prerequisites for ensuring their success. Among the key prerequisites for success include: liberal trade policy regime, private sector [...]

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