Through FoodTrade ESA support, Kaderes Peasants Development PLC has managed to start a Warehouse for the Poor (W4P) project in Karagwe Kagera, Tanzania. This project like its name will deal with construction of warehouses for the poor in Karagwe. More than 130 youths of Karagwe are benefiting from the construction of the warehouses on a daily basis. The construction of the warehouses has developed roles for the youth such as casual labourers in construction, selling construction materials and food. The Peasants and Small holder farmers around the construction area are also selling their produce such as pineapples, sugar-cane, bananas and other domestic products hence adding to their income.

The employment of the youth in the construction sites has also benefited the Local authority in Karagwe. The Local authorities can now easily collect taxes (the levy, other local taxes and fees) from the youth without any problems.

On the other hand the capacity building program for farmers is in progress. KPD has 8 officers in rural areas meeting a minimum of at least 4 farmers a day. As a result the project reaches approximately 480 smallholder farmers a month. It is therefore expected that the company will be in capacity to reach more than 5760 farmers for this year alone through trade and organic farming. Through this outreach KPD will be in position to support more farmers which will hence bring more yields and income, and therefore improve small holder farmer’s livelihoods.

The PMU of FoodTrade ESA has introduced KPD to Victoria Seeds Ltd which is another FTESA Grantee in Uganda. KPD had an opportunity to learn about the programs in Victoria Seeds and the types of Seeds produced. The introduction initiated discussions of how best to collaborate and enable KPD’s farmers from Karagwe in the Kagera region to benefit from the improved seeds from Victoria seeds. The collaboration of these two companies will therefore stimulate increase farmer’s production, which will eventually increase the commodity supply in the East African region.