Project Description



Grantee: Farm Africa (NGO Consortium)

Project name: “Linking smallholder staple food surpluses to regional markets”

Grant amount: £3,002,040

Project start date: 11th February 2016

Countries benefiting: East Africa

Description of the organization:

Farm Africa works to reduce poverty permanently by unleashing smallholder farmers’ ability to grow their incomes and manage their natural resources sustainably. Farm Africa has an evidence-based track record of successful grassroots development and enterprise initiatives to benefit smallholder farmers, establishing market links, developing agro-enterprises, and integrating with value chains.

Sub-grantees include:

  • VECO East Africa (VECO); Aggregation of maize, rice and beans in northern Tanzania and Eastern Uganda
  • Rural Urban Development Initiatives (RUDI); Rice and maize aggregation in the SAGCOT corridor in southern Tanzania

Project summary:

The project will support 70,000 smallholders in rural East Africa to increase their household income through participating in regional trade of staple crops. This will be achieved through improved post-harvest handling and storage of staple crops and linking farmers with surpluses in the key crops (maize, rice and beans) to new markets, including warehouses newly certified by Eastern African Grain Council (EAGC), which will in turn be linked to the G-Soko trading system that facilitates access to East African Community (EAC) regional markets under a separate project supported by FoodTrade ESA.