Project Description

Grantee: Shalem Investments

Project name: “A Stitch in Time”

Grant amount: £250,033.74

Project start date: 4th December 2015

Project duration: 2 years 3 months

Countries benefiting: Kenya

Description of the organization:

Shalem Investments is a private for profit Social Enterprise whose core business is aggregating, transporting and marketing grain and legumes (maize, sorghum, beans, wheat, and sunflower). Shalem Investments was established as an effort by the lead founder, Ruth Kinoti, to respond to a desperate need of the people closest to her.

Project summary:

The “A stitch in time” project will innovatively “stitch” together the target value chain actors with relevant strategies to create a unique mechanism of facilitating collective marketing for smallholder farmers. This will increase the volume of high quality produce in the regional market. The project will build on Shalem’s unique business model, with a new focus on incentivising farmers and aggregators to take responsibility for cleaning and grading their produce, increasing bargaining power and economies of scale through collective marketing. To ensure accessibility of appropriate agronomy and post-harvest management practices, the project will invest in creating relevant linkages, improve collection centres and provide capacity building for target aggregators, empowering farmers and group leaders to sustain transparency and integrity. Additionally, the capacity of Shalem as a trader will be strengthened to attract higher rewards from buyers for quality produce, which would translate to better prices for farmers and aggregators.