Project Description



Grantee: Pee Pee Tanzania Limited (PPTL)

Project name: “Capacity Enhancement – Hermetic Storage Sacks”

Grant amount: £500,000

Project start date: 27th February 2015

Project duration: 2 years 9 months

Countries benefiting: Tanzania; Kenya; and Uganda

Description of the organization:

Pee Pee Tanzania Limited (PPTL) is a limited, for-profit company registered in Tanzania, whose core business is the production and sale of woven packaging and sheeting for the agricultural and industrial sectors. Based in Tanga, the company is currently the regional market leader in the manufacture of packaging for agricultural produce, particularly fertiliser, seeds and other industrial products. Among its core products is agri-sheeting, a polymer-based product which is widely used for crop drying and temporary cover. The company is now licensed to produce and distribute Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) hermetic packaging which allows farmers to hermetically store their crops and at the same time avoid the use of any chemicals.

Project summary:

Under this project, PPTL will enhance its existing capacity to produce and sell PICS packaging. The PICS bag is designed with a polypropylene outer and two inner high-density ethylene liners. As the market leader in the manufacture of lined bags (it currently manufactures between eight to ten million bags for the fertilizer and sugar industry annually), PPTL estimates that it will be able to target at least 6 million farmers directly with the low cost (TZS 4,000 or less than £1.5) PICS bag using its already trained workforce and distribution. This product improves post-harvest storage capabilities and incomes by allowing farmers the flexibility between storing or selling their crops. The company is also working closely with the Purdue Research Foundation, the developer of PICS, to design improved and more cost-effective collapsible drying systems (CDS), which would be used in combination with PICS to adequately dry crops before being placed in hermetic storage.