Project Description


Grantee: Classic Foods Limited

Project name: Enhanced Crop Production, Value Chain Additions and Post-Harvest Crop Management

Grant amount: £480, 000.00

Project start date: 1st October 2016

Project duration: 18 months

Countries benefiting: Kenya, Uganda


Description of the organization:

Classic Foods Ltd. is a food processing company established in 2007 to buy milk in-bulk quantities from farmers and sell it to milk processors, transforming into a milk processor in 2009. The business has since expanded into fruit juice processing, maize flour, porridge composite flour and animal feeds. To overcome the adverse climate change related challenges and the resultant erratic supply of raw materials, Classic Foods offers capacity building and farmers’ support initiatives, with the aim of increasing farmers’ produce and growing their markets. The company works with sister companies Enhance Business Solutions in Kenya and Ideal Capacity Connections (UG) Limited in Uganda for capacity building and extension services programs, as well as to carry out research, product development, and training for its suppliers and customer.

Project summary:

The Enhanced Crop Production, Value Chain Additions and Post-Harvest Crop Management project funded by the UK government through the FoodTrade ESA programme will provide farmers with ready market for their produce through Classic Foods as an off-taker. The company will procure all sellable quantities and process maize-soya porridge flour and use the soy cake to process animal feeds. The farmers will benefit from capacity building and extension service programs implemented by the company in Kenya and Uganda. Farmers will be organised into groups and cooperatives for ease of administration. The project aims at addressing food security, promoting Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and encouraging income diversification for small holder farmers by addressing two critical challenges they face: market access and climate change.