Project Description

Grantee: Yak Fair Trade Limited

Project name: “Nkunganire in Marketing and Post-Harvest Handling”

Grant amount: £542,152.84

Project start date: 7th December 2015

Project duration: 2 years 3 months

Countries benefiting: Rwanda; Burundi; Kenya; and Uganda

Description of the organization:

Yak Fair Trade Ltd., a company established in 2010, deals in agri-business (including livestock); this includes purchase-sale of agricultural commodities. Current investment in the commodities business includes an area equivalent to 100 Hectares (to be extended) for crop production and livestock development. The current 100 Hectares are used for cattle fattening and crop production. The company owns a shop in Kimironko, Kigali, which has two main businesses: crop production sales including rice, beans and maize flour and the sale of processed meat including cow, goat, chickens and fish.

Project summary:

This project is aimed at helping the farmer get access to finance, improve production and processing, decrease transaction costs and increase economies of scale as well as giving them access to wider markets. Furthermore, the project aims at helping the farmers by advocating for their needs to public institutions in order to ensure they benefit from agricultural policy being implemented. The project will help farmers living in the Eastern Province of Rwanda, in Kirehe District, by offering them a chance to improve the quality of beans and maize produced – they will be provided with quality seeds, grading and purchasing of their produce at market prices and selling it to local and foreign markets. The company also plans to produce a variety of selected beans, including “coltan”, which are in high demand among Rwandese, Kenyan, the DRC and Congo Brazzaville consumers.