Project Description



Grantee: Seba Foods Zambia Limited

Project name: Nourishing the Nation through Enhancing the Soya Value Chain

Grant amount: £3800, 000.00

Project start date: 1st October 2016

Project duration: 18 months

Countries benefiting: Zambia

Description of the organization:

Seba Foods Zambia Limited is a Zambian registered company and a renowned producer of maize and soya based consumer food products. Over the years, the company`s products have become house hold names in Zambia, priding themselves in very high quality products through well-known brands such as Golden Goodness and Instant Thobwa.

Project summary:

The project aims to increase the capacity of soybean production and provide value addition to the oil seed for local consumption at competitive prices. Increased production will be encouraged by giving small holder farmers training and providing them with input financing. The company will play the role of off-taker, aggregating and processing the soybean. The company will support smallholder farmers to commercialise their activities, increasing overall production of soybeans in Zambia and promoting cross-border trade of the finished products.