Project Description


Grantee: Raphael Group Limited

Project name: “Raphael Group Bean Marketing Center (RGBMC)”

Grant amount: £444,350.60

Project start date: 4th December 2015

Project duration: 2 years

Countries benefiting: Tanzania (Primary); Burundi; Kenya; Malawi; Mozambique; Rwanda; Uganda; and Zambia

Description of the organization:

Raphael Group Limited (RGL) is one of the leading food grains processors and distributors in Tanzania. The business started as a partnership in 1995 and was incorporated as a Limited Liability company in 2010. The core business activities of RGL include processing and selling of more than four grain products; Rice- 50% of the business, Beans-20%, Groundnuts- 20%, Sunflower cooking oil and other cereal grains- 10%. RGL’s head offices are in Uyole area, Mbeya in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.

Project summary:

With investment from FoodTrade ESA, the project Raphael Group Bean Marketing Center (RGBMC) aims to setup a centralized marketing centre for the highly demanded bean varieties grown in the Southern Highlands region. This centre will be supported by mini aggregation centres situated at the bean producers’ locations. The marketing centre will be 100% owned by the RGL Company, while the mini-aggregation centres will be co-owned by RGL and the bean producer groups. This project is unique because it sets an aggregation system which is partly owned by the farmers. By making farmers part of the village warehouse owners, the project is giving them opportunity to increase their income through revenue generated by the warehouses. The warehouses will generate revenue from the sale of beans. During off-season, the warehouses will be used to store other grains like maize and rice. The storage fees received from the people leasing the space in the warehouses to store grains will be another source of income to the farmers.